Sunday Sermon. & Prayer Points – 15-DEC-2013

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TEXT: Hab 3:18

To rejoice means:

-         To praise the Lord

-          To be grateful to the Lord

-          to appreciate Him

-          To thank Him

-          Showing love to God

-          You are simply saying Lord my heart is gladdened to you.

-          My heart is full of joy

-          Glorifying the Lord

-          Sacrificing to the Lord.

Pray these:

a) Every enemy of my joy, die in sorrow.

b) As from today, I shall laugh my laugh, sing my song and I shall dance my dance whether the devil likes it or not in Jesus name.

Psalm 100:1.


Why do we rejoice?

1.       Because it is the Lord’s command. Phil 4: 4.

2.      Because God dwells in Joy. Ps 16: 11.

3.       It is a sacrifice that pleases the Lord. Ps 69:30-31

4.      You must rejoice because you are alive today. The Bible says a living dog is better than a dead lion. You are alive not because you fast more than those that are dead or more righteous.

Job 14:7-9: There is hope for the living, no matter whatever you might have been facing. Know fully well that there is hope for you. Trust God.

5.      You should rejoice because the year is going to end and you are rejoicing and dancing in joy.

6.        Because no more lack in your life.

7.       Because as you are praising God, all those good things that are dead or stolen in your life will rise up and also be restored in Jesus name.

Ps 67:5-6; Acts 16: 25-26; Ps 149:8-9

Since God created the heaven and earth within 6days and rested on the 7th day. Is your project bigger than the creation of the earth and heaven? If no, there is nothing God cannot do within the remaining days.

Deut 28:47; 1 Cor 10:10.


Prayer Points

1.       Joy of the Lord, baptize my life in Jesus name.

2.       Glory, beauty, honor, my life, family and home are available, enter in Jesus name

3.       Breakthrough aborters, opportunity wasters, miracle swallowers, die by fire in Jesus name.

4.       Year 2013, hear me and hear me well, vomit my remaining blessings in Jesus name.

5.       Angels of God, distributing hampers of blessing, locate me and bring my own hampers in Jesus name.

6.       People that I know and people I do not know, as from today, begin to bless me.

7.       Miracles that I have not heard, manifest in my life.

8.       As the year is running to an end, my life shall not run to an end.

9.       I shall not be buried and I shall not bury my lived ones as the year is coming to an end.

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